30 minutes to build trust, connection, and alignment

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Good leaders understand the value of great meetings. Effective meetings. Productive meetings.

To leverage the message.

To connect with the troops.

But one of the great tools for leadership effectiveness, the 1x1 meeting, often get so mismanaged that we dread them, we find reasons to cancel them, or we stop…

Wisdom from a dozen creative thought leaders to help you push through

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There is a point at which creators go from dream to action.

From intention to execution.

But in between there is a space.

Sometimes that space can feel uncomfortable. Ridiculously uncomfortable.

Intellectually, you know you have to take action, but sometimes you struggle. You get distracted. You’re not motivated. Or…

Turn delegation from a necessary evil to a massive difference-maker

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Have you noticed that some of the most important leadership skills rarely get taught?

Like delegation.

If you’re going to grow your business, you need to delegate. Well.

If you’re going to grow the capacity of your team, you need to delegate. Effectively.

If you’re going to lead others, you…

14 best practices for running great meetings

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Most people hate meetings. And for good reason.

We did them poorly prior to COVID and the explosion of remote work and virtual meetings.

Now we really suck at conducting meetings.

They’re inefficient, unproductive, and eat up valuable time.

But they’re necessary.

You can’t have one-off conversations with each person…

Karl Sprague

Executive Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker and Storyteller

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