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Leading other people is a noble pursuit. When you can help someone develop skills and realize success, it can be gratifying. Humbling. Rewarding. Hopefully, that drives you to become a better leader.

Leading others can also be challenging. We’re dealing with humans, so there are unique behaviors, motivations, psyches and backstories that each of your employees carries with them when they walk in the door each day. Personal needs. Triggers. Blind spots.

It can get messy. Uncertainty abounds.

With that in mind, you reach out for best practices on communicating, delegating, and all the other skills that come with managing…

And it won’t take you 10,000 hours

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When you start your leadership journey, it can be a bit overwhelming.

You want to go big — not just big goals, but ground shaking, Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs).

You don’t want to just meet your budget, you want to blow those numbers away.

But what about the skills you need to deliver those results? To meet those BHAGs?

Your former bosses are likely a mixed bag of good practices that you try to emulate, and those awful practices that you swore you’d never repeat when you be became a leader.

But now you’re in a leadership role, and…

Wisdom from a dozen creative thought leaders to help you push through

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There is a point at which creators go from dream to action.

From intention to execution.

But in between there is a space.

Sometimes that space can feel uncomfortable. Ridiculously uncomfortable.

Intellectually, you know you have to take action, but sometimes you struggle. You get distracted. You’re not motivated. Or you’re in the grips of impostor syndrome. Or that negative voice in your head won’t shut up.

You’ve hit the wall.

There is also energy in that space.

It can act like an alien force field to prevent any progress.

Or it can act like an accelerant to set your…

Turn delegation from a necessary evil to a massive difference-maker

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Have you noticed that some of the most important leadership skills rarely get taught?

Like delegation.

If you’re going to grow your business, you need to delegate. Well.

If you’re going to grow the capacity of your team, you need to delegate. Effectively.

If you’re going to lead others, you need to delegate. Constantly. Even though most people are not good at it.

Most leaders spend a career winging it when it comes to delegation. Their default method is based on trial and error. Or what they vaguely remember from a prior boss of theirs. …

An amazing lesson from Bono and a domino

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Look in the mirror and what do you see?

A work in progress? If you’re honest.

Look closer.

A few imperfections. Maybe a scar, a zit, some wayward hair that just won’t cooperate.

Look again.

A domino.

That’s right. You may not see it at first, but you’re a domino.

Many of us dream about impacting the world in a meaningful way. I’m convinced that we can, but not necessarily by assuming the role of Bill and Melinda Gates or Mackenzie Scott. Note: if you do have several billion dollars you are planning to give away, let’s talk. 😉


14 best practices for running great meetings

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Most people hate meetings. And for good reason.

We did them poorly prior to COVID and the explosion of remote work and virtual meetings.

Now we really suck at conducting meetings.

They’re inefficient, unproductive, and eat up valuable time.

But they’re necessary.

You can’t have one-off conversations with each person in your organization or on your virtual team. You have to leverage your time. You have to be consistent with your message. Real-time information, quality decision-making, and effective communication are all competitive advantages.

Meetings can define your organization’s culture. By definition, meetings require human interaction. Your corporate values are on…

With applications for entrepreneurs, corporate managers and side hustlers

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If you want to be successful, every day requires effort.

You have to grind.

It can be tough to maintain motivation. Day after day. Year after year.

I’ve found that daily quotations provide inspiration. Perspective.

To shape your mindset. To maintain your focus.

Some days you need to block out the noise. Some days you need to kick it into high gear.

You’re creating your own brand. It is built one interaction at a time. One day at a time.

I’ve identified 52 quotes that I use to inspire me. I hope they inspire you.

To lead. To persevere. …

So that you can stay in productive growth mode

Last year I passed 11,000 one-to-one hours as an executive coach.

I expected to feel smarter. Or taller.

Ever since I passed 10,000 hours, I’ve been waiting to receive my expert badge from some Malcolm Gladwellian Outliers emissary.

But I’m not holding my breath. I know I still have A LOT to learn.

How do you view your own level of expertise and wisdom?

Who decides who the experts are, anyway?

Social media is full of self-proclaimed experts. Some are frightening. Some are laughable.

Where are you on the expert-we-need-to-hear-from scale?

There are lots of voices offering you their opinions…

You can have a profound impact on someone else — and that’s only the beginning

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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. — Jackie Robinson

I was recently challenged — on a Zoom meeting of all places — to do one simple thing that can change someone else’s life. Forever.

Now I want to challenge you to do the same. And it won’t cost you a dime.

Most people retreat behind the wall of excuses, including, “I don’t have the resources / contacts / opportunities / time.” Fill in the blank.

I hope you won’t.

When you positively impact another life, something incredible happens. …

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Human identity is the most fragile thing that we have, and it’s often only found in moments of truth. — Alan Rudolph

We tend to consider the negative impact of distractions as it relates to our productivity.

But what about our communications? And what about our…gasp…relationships?

We tend to evaluate our productivity and effectiveness based on what we accomplished during a given time period. Projects completed for the month. Progress on our priorities this week. Items crossed off our daily task list.

But life is experienced in moments.

Our business brand is formed. Our personal brand is experienced by others.

Karl Sprague

Executive Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker and Storyteller

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