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You have big goals in mind.

You want to be the person known for getting results. Big results.

In order to do that, you want to get the best out of your people. You need to get the best out of them.

When everybody is working hard and working together as a team, it’s wonderful. It’s powerful.

But the effort, just like the results, seems inconsistent. Just when you feel like you’re getting traction, it gets wobbly. And sometimes, it goes completely off the rails.

There’s such a stark contrast to the effort when everyone is on auto pilot (and…

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Why does it seem like any time you’re involved with a group of people for an extended period of time, conflict is likely? Maybe inevitable?

Because we’re human. We have different perspectives. Different needs. Different preferences. Different expectations.

Within companies, conflict impacts team dynamics and the speed and quality of team results.

You try to use your position as a leader to communicate consistently — and constantly. You encourage people to settle their difference and cooperate for the good of the team.

But conflict keeps showing up.

People disagree. Sometimes loudly. Sometimes in whispers. Sometimes it’s not verbalized, but you…

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You’ve learned that greater effort and longer hours only get you so far.

The more successful you’ve become the more complex the challenges seem to be. New situations. New problems. New dysfunctions, despite your efforts. Aargh!

There may be a long list of skills you’d like to develop, but at the least, you’d like to know the areas that give you the greatest leverage. The greatest chances for success. So that you can be a better leader today. And tomorrow.

Sure, some leadership skills will naturally come with time. With experience. Mistakes. Lessons learned.

But what do you need to…

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You’re driving hard towards your goal. You’re throwing your energy, your effort and your focus at your leadership role and trying to deliver the impact and outcomes that you seek.

But the results seem elusive. Achieving the goal is uncertain.

Doubt may be creeping in.

Others aren’t helpful, trying to tell you to relax or scale back your expectations.

Are you taking the right path to achieve your goal?

Should you quit and redirect your effort? What would that signal to others?

And what if you’re chasing the wrong thing? What if you’re being unrealistic? What if…gulp…you’re wasting your time?

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You’re trying to improve every day. You know you’re working hard, and open to new ideas from blog posts, vlogs, podcasts and books.

You’ll take advice from successful people who have been there, done that.

Anything that will help you get where you want to go.

But the volume of advice is crushing. The internet is great for providing access to information, but what should you read? Whom should you listen to?

When successful people center around a single idea, it should get your attention, shouldn’t it?

Well, yes, it should.

But does that mean you have to do exactly…

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So what do you do now?

You’ve attacked your workday as best you can to maximize productivity.

You’ve prioritized. You’ve delegated.

You’ve sought out resources like David Allen’s Getting Things Done or Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits / Zen to Done and tried to simplify things as best you can.

But the clock keeps ticking. During your workday, it seems like you’re suffering from an acute case of More.

More tasks are screaming for your attention.

More disruptions.

More opportunities.

More challenges.

All of which leads to…

More angst.


Maybe the answer lies not in what you do during your…

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Something doesn’t seem right.

You are hungry to advance your career and to get more ______ (you fill in the blank — more responsibility, more visibility, more authority, more opportunity, more income).

It just doesn’t seem to come as fast as you’d like.

And you’re sure that beyond lip service, other people don’t really understand what you’re going through.

A lot of your business interactions seem to take place in a culture that was set up a generation ago and didn’t account for someone like you. Or your work has you confronting full-on Bro culture…and it is exhausting.

The rules…

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You feel like your career trajectory has stalled. Or at least the next steps are uncertain.

There are probably some things you’re doing wrong. There may be important tasks that you’re neglecting. In some areas, you’re really effective and other areas… not so much.

You’d like to find out how you could raise your performance. Be more productive. More effective.

You’d love some advice, but who do you listen to? Friends and family members don’t seem to understand your situation… and you’re not sure you want to open that door.

There are lots of people you interact with as part…

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You want to crush it in business. But you don’t want to wait. You want to get farther faster.

Like now. Today.

You look for the best advice the internet has to offer. A Google search of leadership productivity yields 212 million results.

Your eyes glaze over.

If every adult in the United States wrote a blog post on leadership, you wouldn’t get to 212 million.

You check LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and you’re met with a ton of people quoting themselves on the subject, like they came down from the mountain with these pearls of wisdom etched on…

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This isn’t where you expected to be. You’re the one who’s supposed to be setting the world on fire.

But there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Your to-do list keeps growing. It’s out of control.

Tasks aren’t getting completed. And to make matters worse, new deadlines are looming. Ugh.

You’re not as productive as you could be. Or should be.

In fact, you feel like you’re losing ground.

More hours and more effort don’t seem to be solving the problem.

You don’t need to just catch up in the short term, you need to gain control of this…

Karl Sprague

Executive Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker and Storyteller

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